Scales of Times Forgotten

Days 1 & 2

Picking up the Pieces

Fresh after their encounter with the hungry “Sea Scorpions”, Marél Ironleaf began assessing the situation that they have found themselves in. Starting with waking up their fellow passengers, of whom one is missing, and trying to piece together why they were all unconscious on a beach, when their last memories are of eating dinner on The Jenivere.

First order of business was locating the ship, which they spotted Northwest near the shore, seemingly anchored. With that figured out, they decided to set up a camp so that they would could have some shelter from the already formidable temperatures.

With a few conversations, most of the ‘passengers’ agreed to help(Gelik Aberwhinge and Ishirou excluded and unhelpful) and they were able to spend the day getting a camp set up.

First thing in the morning, the group split up, half staying at the camp to keep an eye on things, and the other half (Kethara, Marél Ironleaf, Karn, Davor, and Jarvin) set out to investigate The Jenivere.

After navigating the beaches, they arrived at the ship, noticing that it is now missing a few mildly important features, such as the bow and much of the lower decks. Karn leading the way, the rest of the group climbed onto the deck to find out what happened. Noticing almost instantly, they noticed the sound of something causing alot of noise in the deck just below them.

Cautiously navigating the awkwardly skewed floor, they went downstairs to see what was causing such a ruckus, only to find yet another, larger, “Sea Scorpion” clawing at the storeroom doors. Noticing some fresher food, it attacked, only to be slain by some concentrated fire from the two spell-casters. Prying their way through the rooms on this, now lowest, level of the ship, they found the bodies of two crewman: the chef, and Alton Devers.

They set the two crewman into the waters, and gathered any supplies that they could carry, along with a few seemingly important items from the captain’s quarters, and brought them back to camp.


The Sea Scorpion was easily defeated by the two spell casters after Davor weakened it’s one leg.

Days 1 & 2

also true, was trying to keep it less specific, and more with general details. Toned it down when I realized I was writing a narrative of it.

Days 1 & 2

Don’t forget that Karn scared the Scorpion into a stupor with his arrow which made it even easier to defeat.

Days 1 & 2

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