Scales of Times Forgotten

Days 5 & 6

Delving deeper into the wilderness, searching for a way off of Smuggler’s Shiv.

Items of note:

  • at Jarvin’s urging, the party organized a more serious search of the islands surroundings, so that they may find a way off.
  • in the explorations, they found a patch of wild berries, surrounded in thorns. The desciption matched the ones Aerys Mavato asked the party to look out fir, that may help her kick her habit.
  • found the campsite formerly used by Alizandru Kovack and Ieana after the shipwreck. Also a trail leading farther into the depths of the island.
  • while following the same trail, they across an unnaturally desolate section of land, at the center: a strange piece of flora…



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